Discussions about the traffic situation in the city are often not cheerful or prudent. Sometimes it’s the chaotic cyclists racing over red traffic lights, then again the parked sidewalks and when roads are rescheduled, the authorities in charge make everything wrong anyway.

High time to change the discussion. High time for a Mobility Slam in the Altona Culture Days!

Instead of long monologues, on Thursday evening there were short contributions to current and future traffic solutions, instead of a cheery moderator, an audience jury, the speakers and their content assessed in a proven slam manner.
And so reported Michael Glotz-Richter (Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, The Senator for Environment, Construction and Transport) of shopping carts in Bremen children’s rooms, Sandro Rabbiosi from the start-up NÜWIEL explained the benefits of electronic bicycle trailers and Karen van der Linde of the Hamburger Hochbahn the experiences with the prototyping experiment of the Platzampel.
After a short break, Johannes Mielchen (Bergedorf district, Smart City staff station) explained why Bergedorf is miles ahead of all other Hamburg districts in terms of SmartCity, and Daniel Jenett introduced the bicycle parking revolution with the BIKEPORT. Finally, Philine Gaffron (TUHH) gave an overview of all innovations in the transport sector, and it quickly became clear that the many solutions that are nowadays being considered as modern, new ideas are not all that new – from electric cars to ride sharing all of them for more than 100 years.
Finally, the jury evaluation was announced, which could not have been more difficult; There was only one point difference between the individual speakers and so Sandro Rabbiosi and his start-up NÜWIEL won with 38 points.
We enjoyed the first Mobility Slam a lot, and the contributions of the “Mobility Slammer” were not only informative, but also extremely entertaining.
Information about the presented projects can be found under the following


Free Hanseatic City of Bremen:  Car sharing  and project Sunrise
Hamburger Hochbahn: Platzampel
Bergedorf district: project MySmartLife
TUHH, Institute of Transport Planning and Logistics

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