Mobility Lab Night #1

On Thursday, June 7, the first open lab evening of the project Cities4People took place.

In spite of hot summer temperatures, two groups worked intensively on the topics of cycling infrastructure and conflicts of use in public spaces, and developed initial solution ideas for Altona. In doing so, different levels of action were considered, from one’s own person, to organizations and companies, right through to the city-wide level.

The evening started with a short presentation of the project Cities4People. Thereafter, the participants spread to the various theme tables. The group work started with a “negative brainstorming”. It was considered how the situation in each topic could be as bad as possible. This was very entertaining, as the ideas were of course sometimes quite absurd.

In the next step, the ideas were turned into their opposite, so that constructive ideas for improving the respective situation were produced.

These ideas have now been assigned to different levels of action (I – my neighborhood – my company / organization / school – the district – the city). If it turned out that only a few ideas were assigned to some levels of action, further ideas could be added here.

In the next step, individual ideas were selected and transferred to a prepared workplace. Here it was looked at how on each of the action levels a contribution to the achievement of the goal could be made.

These concept approaches are now being worked on and further elaborated in Mobility Lab # 2.

There are some impressions in the gallery. The collected ideas and concepts are still in the process.

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